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Reduce your hold times to comply with federal or state regulations

Premium Package

Fully control the caller's experience

  • Non-Peak Call Scheduling Push call requests to the times you're least busy.
  • Multiple Departments Manage all of your departments, routes, and phone numbers.
  • Custom Content Post real-time message updates before a call even happens.
  • Tier-1 Quality Review We'll continually auto-check and verify your call paths.
  • Automated Reports Find out how well your call routing is working on a daily basis.
  • Private routing Route calls to SIP endpoints or special phone numbers.
  • Widget Offer the call-back experience right on your website or portal.
  • Priority Support Contact us 24/7 — and without waiting on hold, of course.
  • Universal Integration Drop our secure technology inside of your products.

Businesses use FastCustomer for sales and customer service operations.


Elite Package

Generate leads with custom promotions

  • Promos Run ads seen by customers who are calling your competitors.
  • Mobile Prominence We highlight your brand in our press and award-winning apps.
  • White-Labeling Seamlessly integrate FastCustomer across all digital properties.

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